Dr. Robert D. Gribble

Dr. GribbleBefore becoming a veterinarian, Dr. Robert Gribble studied Petroleum Engineering and Chemistry in college. When the oilfield industry took a downturn in the late 1980s, he made the decision to steer his college education toward something he’d always loved: animals. Dr. Gribble has been happy with his decision ever since! Now, he is the proud owner and operator of The Vet on 4th.

Dr. Gribble is originally from Waskom, Texas and attended Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge to study veterinary medicine. He’s helped pets and animal owners as a veterinarian ever since! In 2018, Dr. Gribble started The Vet on 4th from scratch, and is proud to serve the area’s companions and pet owners alongside his compassionate, talented team. His favorite part of the job is the problem-solving opportunities it provides; for Dr. Gribble, nothing beats putting together the puzzle pieces to make a happy, healthy pet!

Aside from his interests in the world of animal care, Dr. Gribble enjoys playing guitar and singing, logging, and making his own wooden furniture. He and his wife, Missy, have two teenagers at home, London and Drake, as well as several pets. The family shares their home with three dogs—Huckleberry, Buster, and TigerGeorge—as well as a cat who goes by Elvis.

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