7 Great Ways to Celebrate Love Your Pet Day

7 Great Ways to Celebrate Love Your Pet Day

Love Your Pet Day is coming up February 20th! This is a great time to show your furry pal some extra TLC. Read on as a Kilgore, TX vet offers some great tips on scoring some extra purrs or tail wags.


Snacks are a great way to brighten up your pet’s day! Fido and Fluffy can both have plain, cooked, meat without the skin, bones or fat, or some sodium-free broth. Kitties may also enjoy a can of plain tuna, chicken, or boneless salmon in water. Fido can have small amounts of bacon or sausage on this special occasion, though in general you’ll want to limit this fatty treat. Store-bought treats are also fine.


Toys are very important to your pet’s mental and emotional health. This is a great time to get your pet a fun new plaything. It’s also important to spend time playing with your furry buddy. This may be just as fun for you as it is for your animal companion!


A good bed is one of life’s best luxuries, as far as pets are concerned. Buy or make your furry companion a comfy bed.

New Digs!

If you have a yard, make it more fun for Fido by adding a doghouse, kiddie pool, or sandbox. You can also give your pup some ramps or tunnels. This is almost like making your yard into a doggy park! As for Fluffy, she may appreciate a new cat tower, pet tent or tipi, or a kitty shelf. Or, make your feline overlord her very own kitty castle out of cardboard boxes.


Pets take some adorable pictures. Snap a few good shots of your pet. Try getting down on the floor, so you are at eye-level with your furry friend. To take advantage of the best light, schedule your photo shoot for dusk or dawn.

Subscription Boxes

Want to get the gift that keeps on giving? Sign your pet up for a subscription box! Your dog or cat will get their very own box of goodies in the mail each month!


Sadly, there are thousands of pets in shelters, hoping someone will love them enough to adopt them. Consider donating money or supplies to a local animal charity.

Please feel free to contact us, your local Kilgore, TX vet clinic, anytime. We are here to help!

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