Kittyproofing Your Tree

Kittyproofing Your Tree

With the holidays approaching fast, many people are putting up beautiful trees. If you have a kitty, don’t be surprised to find Fluffy paying very close attention to your centerpiece. As far as Fluffy is concerned, you just put up a giant cat toy strung with smaller cat toys! Here, a local Kilgore, TX vet discusses catproofing your tree.


Don’t put the tree too close to a desk, sofa, or armchair that your kitty could use as a launch pad. That’s just asking for trouble!


While you should never punish your cat for misbehaving, you may be able to make her wary of the tree. When Fluffy approaches the tree, make a loud noise. Bang two pots together, clap your hands, or stomp your foot. This will startle her, which may just do the trick.

Secure The Tree

It may not be a bad idea to secure the treetop to the roof or ceiling with fishing line. This won’t show, but it will provide extra support. Also, be sure to use a sturdy base.

Decorate Wisely

When decorating the tree, put only a few items on the bottom part. These should be sturdy ornaments, things that won’t shatter if your furball knocks them over. Put the majority of the decorations, including anything breakable, on the top half of the tree.

Go Artificial

If your furry pal is still in the young, super-frisky stage, you may want to consider getting an artificial tree. Fluffy may still whack a few ornaments down, but she will have a much harder time trying to climb the tree.

Bribe the Furball

If all else fails, you may have to resort to, well, bribery. Give your frisky feline some of her gifts early this year, and spend time playing with her every day. If Fluffy tires herself out playing with her new catnip mouse, she may fall asleep under the tree instead of trying to climb it!

Safety Tips

If you get a real tree, be sure to cover the water. It can contain residue from pesticides, fertilizer, and other harmful chemicals. Also, keep in mind that ribbons, ornament hooks, delicate ornaments, popcorn strings, and light strands are all hazardous to cats. Keep these things where Fluffy can’t reach them.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at The Vet on 4th. Please call us, your Kilgore, TX pet clinic, anytime.

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