Doggy Paw Care Tips

Doggy Paw Care Tips

Your dog’s paws are crucial to his health and well-being. After all, without them, Fido couldn’t Shake Paw, jump for joy to see you after work, or run after his favorite toy. (He also couldn’t leave paw prints on your floor, but that’s another topic.) Keeping up with your canine companion’s paw care is very important! Here, a Marshall, TX vet discusses caring for Fido’s furry feet.

Nail Trims

Be sure to keep your dog’s claws clipped. If Fido’s nails get too long, they could snag and tear, causing injuries and even infections. Overgrown nails are also quite uncomfortable. Your furry pal may adjust his gait to compensate. This is very bad for his bones and joints! If you aren’t comfortable giving your canine buddy a pawdicure, consider getting clippers with sensors. These make the process much easier, by indicating exactly where to cut. Of course, you can also just contact us to schedule a doggy nail trim.

Paw Pads

Fido’s paw pads are very delicate. In summer, dogs can get painful burns by walking or running on hot surfaces, like tar. Your pup’s feet will be extra delicate when they are wet, so be really careful after he has had a bath or gone swimming. Winter has its own issues: snow, salt, sand, ice, and chemical deicing agents can all cause painful burns. You can try putting booties on your canine friend, but many pooches don’t care for wearing shoes. Use paw balm or wax to protect your dog’s paws. You may also want to wipe his paws with a damp cloth before bringing him in.

Toe Fur

Those tufts of fur that grow between dogs’ toes may be cute, but they can also cause problems. Toe fur can easily get matted and tangled, or collect gunk like gum or ice balls. You may want to trim them, using rounded scissors.

Paws For Inspection

Inspect Fido’s feet regularly. You’ll want to look for swelling and cuts. Check between your pup’s furry toes as well: sometimes pebbles or other foreign objects get lodged there. Ticks also sometimes latch on to dogs’ toes. You can treat a small scrape yourself with antiseptic, but call your vet for anything more severe.

Is your pet overdue for a veterinary appointment? As your Marshall, TX vet clinic, we are dedicated to providing great care. We’re here to help!

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